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Geno Allen Author

"When Someone's been wrong, changed their

mind, and is humbled, now the Mews always

say that that person's berwundled." 

Willitzberwundle and the Amburffling


I’m a husband, father, and storyteller who makes his living doing the normal things that normal people do when they’re doing the things they do to make a living.   

Then, there are the moments.  The ones that strike straight from the heart of God through to mine; and suddenly, I am a storyteller through and through (a fact I am—and will always be—deeply grateful for).  

By God’s grace I have a daughter who regularly asks, “Daddy, will you tell me a story?” And I usually do. (Occasionally it's worth writing down.)  

To learn a bit more about me and why I write, check out my About page. And... have an amazing day (or night as the case may be).

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Orange Bird 

Once upon a time, Princess Lily of Edenbrook, the 'princess who had never been anywhere' met a magical orange bird, and in so doing, met the first real adventure of her life. Join Lily and Orange Bird as they venture to a faraway island and further to rescue a true-hearted king with the help of a valiant and kind-hearted bear on an adventure that will change their lives forever.

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