"When Someone's been wrong, changed their

mind, and is humbled, now the Mews always

say that that person's berwundled." 

Willitzberwundle and the Amburffling


I'm a dad, a husband, and hey I get to be a writer too. Pretty cool. I write from a child-like heart about things that are wholesome, frivolous, fun, fragrant (not really, well maybe), things that are silly, and yes... serious—sometimes even epic. Check out my books page to see what I'm talking about and my about page for a more in-depth study of the somewhat  thin-haired, American Geno (a potentially rare bird with many voices).

The Adventures of Hickory Dock: The First Book, & The Second Book

A sweet and sentimental coming of age adventure story that will be enjoyed by anyone who still holds a place in their heart for child-like wonder. (ages 5 to 150)


Hickory Dock lives in a cottage on the outskirts of a town he's never known the name of. He doesn't even know the cottage is called a cottage. You see, he's a mouse. But not just any mouse. He's the great great great great great great great great grandson of the original Hickory D. Dock. The one of whom such a great fuss was raised all those years ago with him running up and down a clock and it striking one and all of that. However, Hickory is not allowed to hear that tale, for in it lies a great secret.