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Should probably call this page "Web Story" because I currently only have one story online:
The Tale of the Maiden's Arms. But, who knows... eventually I may have more. Stay Tuned.
The Tale of the Maiden's Arms


Ancient History of Darlandis


As the title suggests, this page is dedicated to my ongoing story The Tale of the Maiden's Arms which takes place 1400 years before the events of TODTOL, Book One: Through the Dark Wood and centers around the character of Sharizeen (Sarie) Cor. Her ancient tale has a modicum of bearing on the future of the TODTOL universe. I genuinely hope you like her as much as I do. As I post new chapters to the blog, I'll add them here in one easy to read location.


And, just to be clear:



NOT arms like:                                                  Arms Like:








And now...

The Tale of The Maiden's Arms




What's a Willitzberwundle?

"Soon" is a relative term while I search for the right artists,but I'm hopeful these will be out soon.​ Willitzberwundle and the Amburffling, I See You Moon, PJ's Pjs and the Cow that Jumped Over the Moon, and Jeremy Kimble and the Island of Woe?. All those are completed stories that just need art... And of course there's TODTOL: Book Two still in process.

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